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How to Connect Your qBittorrent Client to a VPN/Proxy ​

  1. Click on the settings icon Step 1: Click on the settings icon

  2. Choose "Advanced" from the menu Step 2: Select "Advanced

  3. In the "Network interface" settings, find your VPN connection, select it, and save your changes. Step 3: Locate your VPN in the Network Interface settings

  4. You're all set! Your qBittorrent client will now only download and upload data through your VPN or proxy connection, ensuring your privacy and security while torrenting.

Bonus: Additional Torrenting-Speed ​

  1. Go to your qBittorent Client and press again the setting Step 1: Click on the settings icon

  2. Click on the Connection Button Step 2: Click on the Connection Button

  3. Use following settings (You do not need to change the port) Settings_Connection.png

  4. Click on the BitTorrent Button Step 4: Click on the BitTorrent Button

  5. Ensure this settings are like this Settings_BitTorrent.png

  6. Scroll down until you see "Automatically add these trackers to new downloads:" Add_Trackers.png

  7. Go to this GitHub Page and choose a trackers list and click on one of the 3 links next to it provided

  8. Copy all of the text

  9. Go back to qBittorrent

  10. Tick the "Automatically..." setting so it enabled and paste in it the content (Note: This is useless on private trackers) adding_trackers

  11. If you need a free proxy to enhance your privacy further, check out this guide on obtaining a free proxy.

Privacy when browsing the web ​

  1. Download Firefox/Librewolf (Privacy fork)

  2. Install uBlock Origin (when not already done via Librewolf)

  3. Install prefered filterlists

  4. Check out this wiki section, maybe you find some other good extension

  5. If you want to hide you'r IP-Adress check out this guide.